Page Updates

December 20, 2010 added photos of Police Regiment Bozen to “the Germans” page

October 31, 2010 added two photos in the Italiane SS section depicting “Debica Legionarios”.

October 23, 2010 added photos to the Italian Social Republic section.

August 5,2010 color maps of Divisional lines and fronts added to the Italy at WAR page.

August 6,2010 photos added to the Italian SS and Italian Social Republic sections

April 20,2010 added photos to Italian SS and Black Brigade photos to Italian Social Republic section

April 16,2010 added photos of GNR Militiamen to Italian Social Republic page

February 23, 2010 added photos to the RSI page

February 15,2010 added photos to Italian SS, German and Militaria Collection Gallery #2 pages

January 18,2010 added photos to The German, Italian SS and Partisan sections

November16,2009 added 20 more photos of headgear to Militaria Collection Gallery #2 page

November12, 2009 added 10 photos of headgear to the Militaria Collection Gallery#2 page

November 6, 2009 added photos to the detecting fakes section

October 25,2009 added 30 photos of headgear to Militaria Collection#2 page

August 18 ,2009 added link to SS RELICS at

July 29 and 30 2009 added photos to the RSI  and German section.

July 15 and 16 2009 Photos added to the RSI section

July 9.2009 added photos to the RSI section of Italian paratroopers and GNR.

My 27,2009 added photos of Italian paratroopers and Baltic smoke troops to the RSI section.

May 13,2009 Two Photos added to the RSI section . One photo added to the Allied section.

May 12,2009 Improved format in Propaganda section.

May 11,2009 Added photo of wooden Italian SS eagle to the Militaria Collection section.

April 26,2009 Added to the Propaganda page with posters and leaflets

April 21,2009  Added Propaganda page with some RSI color posters.

April 16,2009 Italian SS and Germanic SS photos of collar tabs added to Militaria Collection

April 15,2009- Photo of Italian SS Legion  NCO Piero Zoppis added

April 13,2009- Photos added to the Italian SS section.

April 12,2009- Added You tube interview of RSI San Marco Marine Veteran interview

March 30,2009- Changed screen back to original more simple design.  Added Italian SS NCO group photo

March 26,2009- Changed screen and format for trial with enlarged photo enhancement March 25,2009 – 30 photos added to Militaria Collection page

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