Reproduction Aluminum SS hat skull
This section we will discuss the highly volatile nature of fakes to a collection. Almost all Axis militaria items are faked to some degree . This faking started right after the war in the 50’s. Fakes then were crude and not made to deceive and were more or less made for a novelty market. As the years past, young collectors began accumulating collections mostly from veterans . They probably received their first items of militaria from relatives who brought these souvenirs back from the war. . Soon after unscrupulous dealers began providing fakes to fill the gaps in collections by targeting this growing market. Fakes have always ranged in quality by the amount of time, effort and money was put into the project. Many fakes today are coming from eastern Europe , where labor is cheap. This combined with skyrocketing prices of military collectibles has greatly influenced the market. Another complication is the re-enactor market. This group purchases uniforms, insignia and equipment for wear during living history events(mock battles). There has been a growing demand by the re-enactors  for historical accuracy on their uniforms and equipment down to the original markings. Two of the biggest minefields of faked items are of the Waffen SS and the RSI.

Soon we will be adding photos of known fakes in an attempt to combat this situation and maybe save someone a few bucks.


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