The GothicLine and the RSI in Italy 1943-1945

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Gothicline is a historical site researching and identifying Artifacts, Militaria and History of the War in Italy The site will specifically target the RSI period from September 1943 to May 1945.  Photos of Original WW 2 Militaria will be presented for educational purposes. Along with Original Archive photos from both public and private collections . There will also be a sale and trade section of original period militaria and artifacts from all wars and times of interest.

This site’s  purpose is to report and conserve history. No political discussions or comments whether neo Fascist, Nazi , Communist , Monarchist, Anarchist, Liberal, Conservative, Republican or Democrat will be tolerated. This is not a political site and is for Historical purposes only.  Any inappropriate comments will cause for an immediate ban from the site.

Some of the Literature, Photos and Artwork used were referenced from both Public and Private Archives available on the Public Domain. Recognition will be given when available to the author.
Any use of copyrighted materials without permission is purely accidental and was done without knowledge of such by the author. If such issues exist please e-mail me.

ATTENTION, WordPress has changed the format of this blog which I no longer have any control. You can no longer double ckick the photos the second time and expand the photos twice. Once it goes to a slideshow that is as large as it gets. This change has also caused the loss of the detailed descriptions under the photos. I am sorry for this as I put extra effort in wanting to show more details. I am working on a solution and may go to another format if possible. Thank You